What We Do


At RIMI we provide consultancy services to Financial Products Distributors, Insurance Brokers, Banks and Insurance companies. We offer innovative products, suggest distribution methods and unique selling strategies to maximize business results. .


Our services include the following:

  • Review of existing status of business

  • Provide recommendations and suggest winning strategies

  • Provide products, technology, insurance and reinsurance support through our partners

  • Develop business plan, which includes, recommendation on product, propose sales and operational processes and expected financials


Our Product support:

  • We can provide insurance products that can be bundled with non-insurance products

  • We can provide standalone small ticket pre-underwritten products that can be offered to the existing database

  • We can provide life and investment insurance products (unit-linked and non-unit linked)

  • We can develop Group Pension program

  • We have the capability to develop insurance premium financing products

  • We can provide Warranty products along with its back-end administration support

  • We have insurance product bouquet that can cater to medium to large Databases, Retail, Wealth Management, SME, Corporate and Consumer Banking Customers, Affinity Groups, Credit Card Customers and customers of Insurance Brokers and Distributors  


On the Products development stage our services include:

  • Market research

  • Gap analysis

  • Product underwriting

  • Reinsurance arrangements

  • Price / Rate development

  • Guidance in developing marketing and communication material


On the Distribution stage our services include:

  • Support in the development of direct marketing, telemarketing, branch sales team, direct sales agents, telecommunication  and on-line business  proposition

  • Managing relationships between insurance companies,  distributors, banks or any other third party provider

  • Introduction and development of products

  • Development of  sales and operational processes

  • Review of agreement,  documentation

  • Training and Licensing

  • Establish seamless claims management  

  • Advise business partners on how to improve efficiency with effectiveness

  • Development of sales promotional  and  incentive structure


We also provide Call Centre management including:

  • Negotiations with call center providers

  • Evaluation of telephony systems

  • Ensure call centre capabilities that should meet company's requirements

  • Develop overall infrastructure for call centre including finalization of telco charges

  • Recruitment

  • Sales training

  • Product training

  • Scripts development

  • Monitoring and Continuous coaching

  • Sales / Campaign Management