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Reliance Innovative Marketing Inc. (RIMI) has the knowhow in providing services to insurance distributors, retailers, telecom companies, various banks, insurance companies, affinity groups and companies with large customer bases.

We reccomend and develop winning strategies for our clients.

The managing partners of RIMI collectively bring with them over 75 years of experience in product development, distribution, underwriting and reinsurance, with past track records of successfully heading insurance business for insurance companies and banks

RIMI provides insurance solutions in the following areas:

 * Development of Insurance Packaged Products

 * Mass Marketing based Insurance, Bancassurance and Telco assurance

 * Program & Operation Management

 * Consultancy and Training Services

 * Reinsurance Services

 * Non-Insurance enhancement services

​  * Develop and manage distribution relationships for insurance companies

 * Develop “white label” insurance products

 * Market reinsured priced - innovative insurance products

 * Enhancement  Services – a source for value added features  

 * Act as “Program Manager” – develop product, business strategy throughout the business value chain, overall management along with ongoing training and marketing support  

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